Eco Pouches produced by Pouch Packaging Ltd

There are several Eco Pouches in the market. Recyclable Pouches, Biodegradable Pouches, Compostable Pouches, Bio Based Pouches. As Pouch Packaging Limited, we started to adapt our Resealable Pouches to align with the circular economy. 

Here are some Eco Pouches we have:

Recyclable Stand Up Pouches - %100 Recyclable

Recyclable Stand Up Pouches can be re-granulated and used in extruding new plastic pouches. Theoretically this can be done over and over again without losing its original properties. It is one of the most popular Eco Pouches among stocks of Pouch Packaging Ltd.

Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches - %100 Paper

Pouch Packaging Ltd has introduced a new series of eco friendly pouches. Biodegradable Paper stand up pouches answers many of the hardest challanges of sustainability and shift to circular economy. Our Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches are %100 paper and they are available to thrown in paper bins!

Bio Based & Metal Free Stand Up Pouches And Flat Bottom Bags

ajor source of Bio-Plastic used in our Metal Free Pouches is sugarcane. Sugarcane, after a series of industrial processes, is polymerized and becomes plastic. Once Sugarcane is polymerized then the performance is just like the fossil based plastic. They have high barrier without aluminium inside!

Here is our blog regarding Eco Pouches in the market:

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