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    19 products
    Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    Custom Printed Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch
    Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £85.00
    Clear Recyclable Stand Up Pouch with Zipper
    from £60.00
    Resealable Pouches Provides Clear Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    Custom Printed Transparent Stand Up Pouch
    Clear Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £58.00
    Milky White Matt Recyclable Stand Up Pouch with Zipper
    from £77.00
    Paperlook Recyclable Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £82.50
    White Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    Custom Printed White Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch
    White Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £85.00
    Custom Printed Kraft Aluminium Stand Up Pouch
    Kraft Aluminium Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £92.50
    Foil Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT %20
    Custom Printed White Aluminium Stand Up Pouch
    Foil Stand Up Pouch with Zipper / DISCOUNT %10
    from £63.00
    Metallized Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT %20
    Metallized Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT %10
    from £56.00
    Bio Based & Metal Free Kraft Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Barrier
    from £107.00
    Sold Out
    White Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Barrier
    from £71.50
    Compostable Stand Up Pouch - Biodegradable - Pouch Packaging
    Compostable Stand Up Pouch is new member of eco friendly pouch series produced by Pouch Packaging Ltd.
    Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £70.00
    Brown Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Barrier
    from £104.00
    Bio Based & Metal Free Black Kraft Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Barrier
    from £107.50
    White Kraft Aluminium Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    Custom Printed White Kraft Aluminium Stand Up Pouch
    White Kraft Aluminium Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £131.00
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    Kraft OPP Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT %20
    Kraft OPP Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT %10
    from £104.00
    Sold Out
    Matt Black Foil Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £85.00
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    Gold Foil Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT % 20
    Custom Printed Gold Foil Stand Up Pouch
    Gold Foil Stand Up Pouch With Zipper / DISCOUNT % 10
    from £68.50
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    Black Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £116.00

    Our conviction lies in the idea that the packaging for your cats’ food should have multiple functions. Resealable Pouch proudly offers various packaging options designed specifically to prioritize freshness, convenience, and longevity. From eco-friendly alternatives to stand-up pouches featuring windows – our commitment revolves around improving the overall presentation of cat food products. We aim to make each meal a truly delightful experience for your cherished pets.


    What to Care About in Cat Food Packaging

    At Resealable Pouch, we hold a profound understanding of the paramountcy surrounding packaging concerning your feline companions' dietary sustenance. Its role extends far beyond containment, encompassing the indispensable task of upholding impeccable quality standards whilst preserving unwavering freshness. This unwavering commitment has propelled us to meticulously design packaging solutions that endure time's trials and tribulations, poised to safeguard the food's integrity against adversity during storage and transportation. We fiercely contend that mere essential nutrients inadequately address a cat's profound culinary desires; they truly deserve mealtimes brimming with unadulterated enthusiasm and boundless pleasure. It is this driving force that unequivocally substantiates our endorsement of pouch packaging as the unparalleled choice, seamlessly intertwining captivating designs with unparalleled product excellence.

    Sustainable Cat Food Packaging

    At Resealable Pouch we are dedicated to sustainability and offer cat food packaging options that are eco friendly. Our goal is to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact with our recyclable cat food packaging. By choosing sustainable cat food packaging you can have a positive effect on the planet while providing the best for your beloved feline companion. We believe that sustainable choices should be easily accessible and convenient which is why our packaging solutions have been designed with this in mind. That is, if you are searching for cat food in recyclable packaging. 

    We take great pride in offering bio based stand up pouches as an environmentally friendly option for packaging. These pouches are crafted from renewable resources, such as plant based materials resulting in reduced dependence on fossil fuels. In addition to being made from bio based materials our pouches are entirely compostable ensuring that they are an environmentally responsible choice for cat owners who prioritize sustainability. 

    By selecting stand up pouches you actively contribute to a circular economy while also assisting in the protection of our planet's precious resources. Recognizing the significance of reducing the environmental impact through careful selection of packaging materials. We have ensured that our cat food bags consist of recyclable material. When you choose recyclable cat food bags. You contribute to a circular economy and help minimize waste production as well. Our cat food bags can be effortlessly recycled and repurposed into new materials thus lessening the need for additional raw resources. By opting for eco friendly cat food packaging options like ours you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability while also inspiring others to make similar environmentally conscious choices

    A Visual Feast for Your Cat

    Add an extra dose of excitement and anticipation to every feeding session by choosing our exceptional cat food packaging options with transparent windows. The inclusion of these innovative features allows your beloved feline companion to sneakily peek into each package engaging their curious senses while making mealtime more interactive than ever before. Moreover, the convenient window design also allows for effortless visual inspection. This enables you to ensure the freshness and visual appeal of the food. Elevate your cat's dining experience by presenting their meals in our visually stimulating stand up pouches with windows.

    Convenience and Versatility

    When it comes to packaging for cat food, Resealable Pouch stand up pouches offer unbeatable convenience alongside impressive versatility. Their unique stand up design ensures stability on store shelves while providing a hassle free storage solution that keeps everything neatly organized and readily accessible at all times. The resealable closure system guarantees freshness preservation while preventing any unfortunate spills or messiness, ultimately allowing for effortless serving with optimal portion control. 

    Our exceptional stand up pouches work wonders in streamlining your feeding routine, contributing to a thoroughly user friendly experience that benefits both diligent cat owners and their cherished feline companions. The clear stand up pouches we offer are thoughtfully designed to effectively showcase the inherent wholesome goodness of your cats' food. Through the use of transparent material we enable a crystal clear view of the contents inside allowing the natural colors and textures to captivate attention in all their glory. This heightened visibility acts not only as a magnet for cat owners but also serves as a reassuring testament to the pristine quality and impeccable freshness they can expect from our products by selecting our clear stand up pouches. You will effortlessly create an aesthetically pleasing presentation that beautifully showcases the nourishing ingredients within. Also, you will simultaneously encourage a healthy appetite in your beloved feline companion.

    Customized Solutions for Eco-Friendly Cat Food Packaging

    For environmentally friendly packaging of cat food, Resealable Pouch provides individualized options. Experts from our company work together with companies who make cat food to develop environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging. We customize our packaging solutions to match the specific requirements of each company, whether that means using recyclable materials or creating eye-catching artwork. We can create bespoke eco-friendly cat food packaging that will help you reach environmentally aware pet owners.

    The Ideal Packaging Partner for Cat Food

    Resealable Pouch takes great pleasure in being the go-to packaging supplier for leading cat food manufacturers. RecyclableCat food bags provide great alternatives for businesses. Our sustainable practices and packaging design knowledge allow us to provide cutting-edge options that are also kind to the planet. Our cat food comes in convenient, easy-to-open packaging that helps keep the food fresh and improves the feeding experience for both cat owners and their feline friends. Work with Resealable Pouches to reach new heights with your cat food packaging.

    Elevate Your Cat's Mealtime Experience

    Resealable Pouch provides a wide variety of options for the packaging of cat food that are environmentally friendly, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Our packaging choices, which include eco-friendly stand-up pouches, recyclable materials, and customizable patterns, give you the freedom to provide your cat with a feeding experience that not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations. If you're looking to help the environment while also feeding your cat, Resealable Pouch should be your first choice in cat food packaging.

    Explore the world of sustainable, convenient, and high-quality cat food packaging with Resealable Pouch. Let's work together to make feeding time an enjoyable, nutritious, and stress-free experience for you and your feline friend. Make your customers’ cat's mealtimes more special by using Resealable Pouch.

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    Pouch packaging types are made with many raw material types. Kraft/PET/PE/CPP are the most popular ones. Recyclable or biodegradable pouch packaging solutions are produced with these materials.

    Pouch bag types are supplied by Pouch Packaging Ltd. are used dry products, especially in dry food industry. With pouch bag types, you could keep your product in long term with enough shelf life. You could contact us to understand which pouch bag solution could be suitable for your product.

    Yes, all Stand Up Pouches we have are heat sealable.

    We have a complete size set of stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches in our set along with the other material samples. This way you can choose the best size of bag and material for you. We also have surface printed stand-up pouch and flat bottom samples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will send it to you separately.

    Resealable Pouch is a website owned by Pouch Packaging Limited UK. The main focus of Resealable Pouch UK is to offer the best quality of stock pouches with the most competitive prices in UK and Ireland.AsPouch Packaging Limited, we started to adapt ourResealable Pouchesto align with Eco Friendly Pouches. We have started to offer Eco Friendly Laminating Pouches such as Recyclable Pouches and Bio Based & Metal Free Pouches. Our all pouches are food grade.

    Our all pouch packaging types are available to pack sweet. The most popular sweet packaging is kraft window stand up pouch with zipper. Recyclable and biodegradable pouches are suitable too.

    Pouch Packaging Ltd. requests vectorial drawing in adobe illustrator format for design files. With this, we could make design mold for custom printed packaging types.

    That is a big discussion. In terms of circular economy, recyclable pouches could be. But biodegradable ones are more popular. For more, please contact our blog: Comparing Eco-Friendly Pouches: Recyclable Pouches, Bio Degradable Pouches, Compostable Stand Up Pouches

    Gusset bottom bag is one of the flexible packaging types. It is used mostly for coffee or powder.

    Block bottom bag is one of the flexible packaging types. It is used mostly for tea or coffee.

    Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers Black Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouches
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    White Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches, Available to thrown in Paper Bins
    %100 paper stand up pouch
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