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    White Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Barrier
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    Compostable Stand Up Pouch - Biodegradable - Pouch Packaging
    Compostable Stand Up Pouch is new member of eco friendly pouch series produced by Pouch Packaging Ltd.
    Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
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    Brown Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Barrier
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    What's biodegradable packaging?

    Biodegradable packaging spontaneously disintegrates and decomposes. The phrase "biodegradable" is often used to describe any sustainable packaging material that breaks down naturally, under any conditions and in an unknown amount of time. Why? By this definition, wood boxes and cellulose wrappers are biodegradable. The wrapper biodegrades in weeks, whereas wood takes decades or millennia. This is an important problem, especially for countries like the UK or the US which consume large amounts of products every single day. Some biodegradable packaging sold today is still harmful to the environment. Except, for our biodegradable stand-up pouches.


    What's the best way to get biodegradable packaging?

    Look for "compostable" labels. Certified compostable packages, such as our recyclable paper stand up pouches, biodegrade in commercial or household compost environments. The certification ensures that the package will degrade safely under particular conditions and in a predefined time range. Your pouch will break down in 6 months to a year in a home or industrial compost, leaving nutrient-rich soil behind.


    Stand-up pouches, made of biodegradable materials

    Biodegradable packaging is sometimes considered to be constructed entirely of plant-based materials, however, that's not accurate. Biodegradability depends on the molecular structure and strength of polymer chains, not their source. To biodegrade, the polymer structure (a string of monomers) must dissolve into tiny bits that can be digested by microbes. This means biodegradable packaging, including our compostable stand-up pouches, can be created from bio- or fossil-based polymers!


    How are non-biodegradable and biodegradable plastics different if both are created from fossil-based polymers?

    Traditional plastic packaging is constructed of strong carbon chains (PE, PET, and PP) and takes centuries to break down, hence it is not biodegradable. This way, we can have plastic stand up pouches with a window to display the content inside, without causing any trouble to nature.

    Biodegradable packing, such as our compostable stand-up pouches and recyclable stand-up pouches, has a weak molecular structure, therefore it disintegrates quickly.


    How significant is biodegradable packaging?

    Waste, in all forms, is a major environmental issue. Each year, 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean. As the world's population and consumption grow, so does the amount of rubbish in oceans and landfills.

    There's no easy way to return to local production with the global supply chain. We need a healthier, smarter, natural packaging solution that can meet consumer needs and protect the environment. Biodegradable packaging is the fix.

    Why are biodegradable stand-up pouches important?

    The benefits of biodegradable plastic packaging for the environment, the future of the world, and the food business at large are evident.


    • Helps farm

    Biodegradable food packaging fosters the circular economy, using waste as compost to boost food production and farming.

    • Solution

    Nontoxic biodegradable food packaging is safe and nutritious for all types of food and food products.

    • Uses Less

    The most essential benefit of biodegradable packaging is reducing food waste. Instead of sitting in landfills for decades, biodegradable food packaging dissolves organically.

    • Returns within a certain time

    Certified compostable packaging, biodegrades under regulated conditions in a set timeframe. Certified biodegradable packaging degrades in a year in household compost bins and 3 to 6 months in industrial composting systems.

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    All kraft pouch bags could not be biodegrable, needs to be checked. Pouch Packaging Ltd. have two different biodegrable pouch types. %100 paper biodegradable pouches and biodegradable pouches with zipper. For TDS, please contact to us.

    Pouch packaging types are made with many raw material types. Kraft/PET/PE/CPP are the most popular ones. Recyclable or biodegradable pouch packaging solutions are produced with these materials.

    Pouch bag types are supplied by Pouch Packaging Ltd. are used dry products, especially in dry food industry. With pouch bag types, you could keep your product in long term with enough shelf life. You could contact us to understand which pouch bag solution could be suitable for your product.

    Yes, all Stand Up Pouches we have are heat sealable.

    We have a complete size set of stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches in our set along with the other material samples. This way you can choose the best size of bag and material for you. We also have surface printed stand-up pouch and flat bottom samples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will send it to you separately.

    Resealable Pouch is a website owned by Pouch Packaging Limited UK. The main focus of Resealable Pouch UK is to offer the best quality of stock pouches with the most competitive prices in UK and Ireland.AsPouch Packaging Limited, we started to adapt ourResealable Pouchesto align with Eco Friendly Pouches. We have started to offer Eco Friendly Laminating Pouches such as Recyclable Pouches and Bio Based & Metal Free Pouches. Our all pouches are food grade.

    Pouch Packaging Ltd. requests vectorial drawing in adobe illustrator format for design files. With this, we could make design mold for custom printed packaging types.

    No, kraft material should be special. Every kraft material could not be biodegradable. Pouch Packaging Ltd. have special kraft type.

    Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers Black Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouches
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