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    9 products
    Clear Recyclable Stand Up Pouch with Zipper
    from £54.00
    Milky White Matt Recyclable Stand Up Pouch with Zipper
    from £70.00
    Paperlook Recyclable Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £75.00
    Bio Based & Metal Free Kraft Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Barrier
    from £97.00
    Compostable Stand Up Pouch - Biodegradable - Pouch Packaging
    Compostable Stand Up Pouch is new member of eco friendly pouch series produced by Pouch Packaging Ltd.
    Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch With Zipper
    from £64.00
    Bio Based & Metal Free Black Kraft Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Barrier
    from £98.00
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    Block Bottom Cellophane Recyclable Bag
    from £64.00
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    Bio Based Black Kraft & Metal Free Flat Bottom Bag with Zipper
    from £370.00
    Bio Based Kraft & Metal Free Flat Bottom Bag With Zipper
    from £189.00



    Single-use plastics used for food packaging and cosmetic packaging that isn't recyclable have an environmental impact across all industries. How commodities are packaged and consumed contributes to environmental problems like greenhouse gas emissions and incorrect disposal, which causes the huge Pacific garbage patch and food waste.

    Producers and customers have responsibilities for utilising and disposing of items and their packaging, but improper packing can cause problems before goods reach shelves.

    Sustainability should be considered early in a product's lifespan, and the packaging you choose affects transit costs, storage, shelf life, and how consumers dispose of your package. Eco-friendly stand-up pouches can be the best product on the market for these purposes. Especially in a country like the UK, where tea and coffee are consumed more than most countries, the packaging being eco-friendly is a big help for nature. Imagine having all the plastic bags with kraft pouches, which are easier to recycle, wouldn’t it be fantastic? Many customers prefer eco friendly stand up pouches UK for their products.

    How can eco-friendly stand-up pouches assist businesses?

    Sustainable packaging requires extra care, therefore firms should adopt it. Reducing environmental impact is a benefit in itself, but if a company doesn't gain from this change, using sustainable packaging is ineffective and not a viable solution. Eco-friendly stand-up pouch packaging benefits include:

    1. 75% of millennials say sustainability is important when buying. By transitioning to sustainable stand up pouches packaging sooner rather than later, organisations can meet user expectations and secure a long-term client base
    2. If competitors don't offer a more sustainable product, other companies can stand out in competitive industries.
    3. Reducing shipping and storage costs reduces packing costs. Any business selling many items knows that tiny cost reductions have a big impact as they scale and grow.
    4. If sustainable food pouches enhances product shelf life, consumers will receive a higher-quality product with cheaper, less sustainable solutions.
    5. Making it easier for customers to recycle your items and packaging will increase recycling. 37% of consumers know what they can recycle; corporations can help.
    6. Showing that your organisation is environmentally minded or taking steps to decrease its impact can improve brand perception and attract environmentally-conscious customers.

    Retailers are increasingly using eco-friendly stand-up pouches or doy packs. They offer various customising choices and are more sustainable than traditional packaging.

    Eco-friendly stand-up pouches are flexible packaging with one or more layers, features, and extras. Whether you manufacture fresh food or a cosmetic brand that needs a wow effect, an eco-friendly stand-up pouch can help. Eco-friendly stand-up pouches' sustainability makes them a top choice for companies looking to lessen their environmental impact. These include:

    1. Efficiency
    2. Reduces waste
    3. Easy to recycle
    4. Less packaging needed
    5. Transportable, storable

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      Sustainable packaging means the
      packaging types making world healthier and better for the enviroment.

      Pouch Packaging Ltd. have
      recyclable, biodegradable, bio based – metal free pouches. They alla re
      available for online shopping through Resealable Pouch website.

      Eco Packaging pouch inludes raw
      material which is friendly and to the enviroment and does not harm it any way.
      Raw material of Eco-friendly pouch packaging types should be recyclable,
      biodegradable, compostable or bio based.

      Eco friendly packaging industry is
      growing fastly as many types of business (especially dry food) want to make
      their operation a part of circular economy. There are also some restrictions
      and plans made by goverments to reduce plastic waste in the world. So, pouch
      packaging types should be adapted to circular economy.

      Yes, next day delivery is available. We could also make cusom
      printed Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches.

      Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers %100 Paper Pouch which is Biodegradable.
      Our pouches are available to thrown in paper bins. They are without zipper
      having enough good barrier.

      Bio based plastics seem like enough
      useful solution to the problems caused by carbon based materials. Bio based
      plastics produced by corn or sugarcane. Pouch Packaging Ltd have Bio based
      materials produced by sugarne. %65 of total metarial of Bio Based Poucheswe
      have produced by sugarcane.

      Pouch Packaging Ltd produces Recyclable Stand Up Pouches, Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches, Bio Based Stand Up Pouches.

      Resealable Pouch is a website owned by Pouch Packaging Limited UK. The main focus of Resealable Pouch UK is to offer the best quality of stock pouches with the most competitive prices in UK and Ireland.AsPouch Packaging Limited, we started to adapt ourResealable Pouchesto align with Eco Friendly Pouches. We have started to offer Eco Friendly Laminating Pouches such as Recyclable Pouches and Bio Based & Metal Free Pouches. Our all pouches are food grade.

      We have a complete size set of stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches in our set along with the other material samples. This way you can choose the best size of bag and material for you. We also have surface printed stand-up pouch and flat bottom samples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will send it to you separately.

      Yes, we are able to offer custom printed Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouches even for 1.000 pcs from our warehouse located at UK.

      Every pouch packaging types could not be eco friendly. Some of them are Recyclable, biodegradable or bio based. Pouch Packaging Ltd. have enough eco friendly pouch types.

      That is a big discussion. In terms of circular economy, recyclable pouches could be. But biodegradable ones are more popular. For more, please contact our blog:

      Some stand up pouches are sustainable like recyclable or biodegradable pouches.

      The point is that which production method needs to be used, not raw material. Pouch should be monolayer for recyclable stand up pouches, or kraft should be special for biodegradable pouches.

      That is a big discussion. In terms of circular economy, recyclable pouches could be. But biodegradable ones are more popular. For more, please contact our blog: Comparing Eco Friendly Pouches - Resealable Pouch – Resealable Pouch - Stand Up Pouches

      Every stand up pouches could not be eco friendly. Some of them are eco friendly like recyclable or biodegradable. These are eco friendly stand up pouch packaging types. Please contact us to order some eco friendly pouches.

      Every kraft stand up pouches could not be eco friendly. Kraft type needs to be used is important or if stand up pouch is monolayer. Pouch packaging Ltd. offers bio Based, biodegradable and %100 paper stand up pouches with special kraft types.

      Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers Black Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouches
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      White Paper Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches, Available to thrown in Paper Bins
      %100 paper stand up pouch
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