Custom Stand Up Pouches


We believe that having your own custom printed pouch should not be only in the hands of big companies. The small startups shouldn’t be using their valuable time and energy for labels and get poor results as an outcome. We don’t want people to invest in plate costs and get high amounts to be used in the many years to come.

The trend is for quick market reaction, market segmentation, different size of packs for different markets. Our Surface print technology offers an excellent solution for it.

Pouches for special events like weddings, big matches, once a year events like Xmas, mother’s day etc.

We do not charge high prices like digital. We use food grade inks to print and currently, no digital inkjet technology has.

  • You can have a surface print on the front and back side of the flat bottom pouches.
  • Standard delivery in 4 weeks, express delivery in 2 weeks
  • Spot colours and cmyk printing is available


What are stand-up pouches?

Stand-up pouches are flexible packaging that may be displayed, stored, and used standing up. It's a plastic bag with bottle-like features. Powders or ready-to-eat dried foods are packaged in stand-up pouches. Stand-up pouches have gusseted bottoms for display or use.


Flexographic printing is the most versatile and can create HD graphics for your stand-up bag. Flexographic printing is precise and solid on a wide range of films. Especially on the kraft pouches, the graphics are easier to print. Stand-up pouches can offer your goods the greatest, most eye-catching graphics on the shelf.


Switching to stand-up pouches (and flexible packaging) reduces material costs. Rigid packaging costs 3 to 6 times more than flexible. Folding cartons are more expensive than flexible packing. Simply said, stand up pouches will boost your business's profit margins. Stand-up pouches save delivery costs. Lighter packing reduces transportation fuel costs. It takes less time and labour to move more products in less space.


Stand-up pouches bring convenience to your brand, which consumers value. Resealable closures enhance food life and improve consumer satisfaction. Choose between press-to-close, zip lock, or hook-to-hook closures. Laser perforation, transparent windows, handles, and spouts are available. Stand-up pouches can be made steamable so consumers can cook their meals in the microwave without removing them.


Custom gusseted bags keep food fresher and provide superior barrier control. Specialty films can protect your items from moisture, pathogens, UV radiation, and more during shipment. Apart from the quality of the bags, you can also have them with zippers which makes it easier for you to reseal them so that when you open a bag, you can keep the remaining product as fresh as before. Think about coffee, for example, you do not finish a whole bag of coffee at once so having zippers to reseal the bag would be useful. Environmentalists also like stand-up pouches. Flexible packaging consumes fewer resources, energy, water, and volatile organic compounds. Lighter weight and smaller size save transportation costs and fuel emissions. Non-recyclable materials utilise less landfill area than hard ones. 


Shapes and sizes of stand-up pouches vary. Standard pouches are round-bottom gusset bags that fold flat when empty. Box pouches, K-seals, quad-seals (two side gussets and four vertical seals), and more are also available. Die-cut stand up pouches stand out on the shelf.

 And what if we told you that you could design your own stand up pouch?

Custom stand up pouches is something that all businesses want and need. Especially with the small businesses taking over the UK, many people will need it for their businesses. Now, you can have custom stand-up pouches uk, without giving up on any other qualifications. Custom coffee pouches will carry your brand on them with pride while storing your product perfectly. Not only does stand up pouch custom support your business with it’s low-cost but also it helps the environment by being biodegradable while being the creation of your mind and desires.

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch by Pouch Packaging Ltd.



Next day delivery is available for online orders. You could order
plain Stand Up Pouches direclty on our website.

For custom printed pouches, there are a few different lead time is
determined according to design. Please contact to us for custom packaging

You could order just one case. (Stand Up Pouches or Flat Bottom

Pouch Packaging could supply BRC, Food Compliane and other needed
documents through its production facility.

Eco friendly packaging industry is
growing fastly as many types of business (especially dry food) want to make
their operation a part of circular economy. There are also some restrictions
and plans made by goverments to reduce plastic waste in the world. So, pouch
packaging types should be adapted to circular economy.

Yes, please fill our sample form. You will find our all solutions including eco friendly ones: Sample Page –
Resealable Pouch - Stand Up Pouches

Sustainable packaging means the
packaging types making world healthier and better for the enviroment.

Pouch Packaging Ltd. have
recyclable, biodegradable, bio based – metal free pouches. They alla re
available for online shopping through Resealable Pouch website.

Eco Packaging pouch inludes raw
material which is friendly and to the enviroment and does not harm it any way.
Raw material of Eco-friendly pouch packaging types should be recyclable,
biodegradable, compostable or bio based.

Yes, next day delivery is available. We could also make cusom
printed Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches.

Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers %100 Paper Pouch which is
Biodegradable. Our pouches are available to thrown in paper bins. They are
without zipper having enough good barrier.

Flexible packaging means packaging
products are produced with non-rigid raw materials. Flexible packaging method
uses a variety of flexible materials, including foil, plastic, and paper, to
create pouches. New trend in the market i to produce eco friendly flexible
packaging types.

Bio based plastics seem like enough
useful solution to the problems caused by carbon based materials. Bio based
plastics produced by corn or sugarcane. Pouch Packaging Ltd have Bio based
materials produced by sugarne. %65 of total metarial of Bio Based Poucheswe
have produced by sugarcane.

Kraft paper bags can withstand more pressure or weight than
plastic bags. Kraft paper bags are also more natural. Pouch Packaging Ltd. have
Kraft paper bags with aluminium and Kraft Paper bags with window. These are
most popular Kraft pouches in UK market. 
Kraft paper bags are used in many food
service industries, including Coffee.

Pouch Packaging Ltd. have also %100 paper pouches and
biodegradable paper bags.

Yes, we have several printing systems. The printing system we
could offer depends on your design.

Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers Flexo printing, Roto Printing,
Surface Printing and Digital Printing. You could contact to us for custom
printed pouches. Printing system is determined according to customer’s need.

Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers even 1.000 pcs. for custom printed
orders. There are many custom packaging solutions. It is determined according
to design. So, please send us your design.

It depends on your designs. Pouch Packaging Ltd. offers digital, surface, flexo and roto printing. Which printing system needs to be used depends on your design and order quantity.