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We have Clear, White and Brown Recyclable Stand Up Pouches on our stock with some stock dimensions which you could find on our website. Your customized dimensions also could be produced but MOQ needs to be calculated.
Material stracture of Recyclable Stand Up Pouch is PE. The pouches are monolayer. Have been produced with PE/PE. As they are monolayer, they could be regranulated over and over without losing its properities.
Yes, Recyclable Stand Up Pouches are one of the most popular Eco Friendly Pouch Packaging type. It could be regranulated ove and over without losing its original properties.
Regular Stand-up pouches are made of composite such as Foil, Pet, Kraft Paper etc., laminates because every layer of film serves a different purpose. Each layer of flexible film itself is recyclable but when we laminate them together they cannot be broken into pieces and used anymore. So, they are not Recyclable.
Yes, there are two different printing system we use for Custom Printed Recyclable Pouches. The printing system needs to be used depends on your design. The printing system affects MOQ.
Yes, all type of Recyclable Laminating Pouches are food grade. Recyclable Food Pouches are so popular in Food Industry at UK nowadays.

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