Greatest challenge faced by our society is the affect of climate change, enviromental pollution and sustainibility.

As Pouch Packaging Limited, we have started to adapt our Resealable Pouches to align with the circular economy. We aim to reduce the environmental impacts of our production and consumption in both the UK and abroad.

We have started offering Recyclable Pouches in late 2019. Recyclable Stand Up Pouches with zipper can be regranulated and used in extruding new plastic. Recyclable Pouches provide us less enviromental pollution and achive sustainibility targets. For more information regarding Recyclable Pouches please click.

Now, we are happy to introduce Bio Based &Metal Free Pouches with high barrier, new members of our Eco Friendly Pouch Series.

Regular Polyethilene (LDPE) is derived from fossil based oil. Bio Based Plastic is derived from renewable resources such as plants – typically, sugar cane.

Bio- Based (Metal Free) Pouches helps mankind reducing oil consumption and affects of oil to enviroment. For more information regarding Bio Based &Metal Free Pouches please click.