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Doypack is named after its founder Mr.Doyen. Stand Up pouch has the same meaning apart from a few different technical details. Some people use stand up pouches for different bags because they are all standing up. Technically a stand-up pouch like a doypack has one gusset and it is underneath the bag.
The ideal height of product inside the stand-up or flat bottom pouch is two-thirds of the pouch. When it is higher in the bag, it will look too full and the form of the pouch will be morphed. If it is less than it feels like it is not a completely filled bag. 1-2 cm will not matter much but more difference will not look good.
We have a complete size set of stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches in our set along with the other material samples. This way you can choose the best size of bag and material for you. We also have surface printed stand-up pouch and flat bottom samples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will send it to you separately.
Zipper helps the customer to keep the product fresh inside its original package. It increases customer satisfaction by increasing the quality after the initial opening. A resealable pouch will not need a second task at home and your brand will be visible in your customers’ shelf for a long time and they will be used to your brand and choose you next time as well.
Yes, all Stand Up Pouches we have are heat sealable.
Our minimum order quantity is just 1 case.
Stand Up Pouch Kraft is the most popular one. We have two different colour type for Stand Up Pouch Kraft such as brown and white. And we have also Stand Up Pouch Kraft with window our stock range. You are able to get Stand Up Pouches within 48 hours from UK.
Yes, we are able to offer custom printed Stand Up Pouches even for 1.000 pcs from our warehouse located at UK.

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