Pouch Packaging Ltd. provides different pouch printing systems according to details of order. Flexo Printing, Roto Printing, Surface Printing. Here are Printed Pouches!

We evaluate your design, dimensions, material type, order quantity and then offers suitable pouch printing system.

Flexo Printing - Roto Printing

Flexo Printing and Roto Printing are the most popular printed pouch techniques that used with cylinder (design mold) created according to pouch dimensions. These pouch printing systems are available for long print runs. MOQ needs to be calculated according to your pouch dimensions and raw material that we will use for your pouches. Custom Stand Up Pouches, Custom Flat Bottom Pouches, Custom Quad Seal Bags could be produced.

  • Available for overall printing (edge to edge printing)
  • Colour capability: up to 10 colours per side
  • Available for long print runs, MOQ needs to be calculated
  • Food grade ink
  • Available to print on a wide variety of food grade pouch materials (PET/PE/ALU/metPET/CPP... etc.). 
  • Flexible Packaging Types; Recyclable, Biodegradable and Custom Stand Pouches could be printed
  • Multiple pouch printing designs could be replaced in one cylinder (design mold) if pouch dimensions are the same. It reduces MOQ per design type.
  • There is no pouch printing cost for repeated printed pouch orders.

Surface Printing

  • Get Printed Pouches for even for 1.000 pieces
  • To make printing for 1.000 pcs. just the stock items we have need to be printed.
  • Limited printable area (not available for overall printing)
  • Food grade inks
  • Spot colours and cmyk printing are available