Recyclable Paper Pouch with barrier

We have been discussing different solutions to the ecological question. As we have said before it is very unlikely that there will be one size fits all question. However, we feel that Recyclable Paper Stand Up Pouch with Barrier is a good candidate to be one of the best.
  • This Stand Up Pouch is made of only paper so it can safely be thrown to the paper bins. It is plastic free !!!
  • Regular Paper have no barrier properties to keep the product fresh but this is special treated paper with medium - high barrier !!!
  • Material Based on %80 renewable resources
  • Heat sealable
  • Safe for food contact

Made of Paper only

Paper has one of the easiest and well established recycling streams. End customers can safely throw it out to the paper once the pouch is totally used. We inform the customers so that they don't need to wonder where to dump it to.

Why Compost if you can Recycle?

All kinds of paper will compost if left in nature or given enough time humidity and oxygen in composting factories.
We always ask why compost if you can recycle? Paper can be used over and over again and have a high economical value. We believe in Circular Economy.

Paper With Barrier ??

Yes, This is what makes this pouch very very special. Regular papers breath. It may be good for short shelf life but not long term storage.
Special milling technique gives shelf life up to 6 months depending on the products.

Heat Sealable

This is another important property of this product because most of the paper pouches are made with gluing and also tape is used to close it. We don't use any glue to form the pouch and you can use simple heat sealers to seal

Pay Attention

  • This is a paper only pouch so it may not be as strong to tackle the challenges of courier shipments. 
  • These pouches don't have reclosablity options yet.
Feel free to ask for sample before actual order