Custom Printed Pouch Trends


Pouch Packaging Industry and Custom Printed Pouch Trends

Nowadays customization is one of the major megatrends all over the world. There is no doubt that developments in the computers and mobile devices are main drivers of this trend.

Customers don’t want a single print for all types products but wants to see rightly segmented product for his taste.

Another megatrend is localization. People have seen that globalization is not solving all the problems and may kill the local culture if globalization is not balanced with localization. Now people are much more sensitive for products customized locally for their own taste. A few examples are global coffee, locally customized in the coffee shop next door.

Nowadays more and more companies are looking for solutions to get printed material for quantities with zero or with little initial investment on the printing plates.

There are different ones in the market, some are very expensive and some aren’t proven good for the non-contact side of the food packaging. PrintAPouch offers you the best solution which is good for food packaging and also without initial investment on the plates. The cost is not as high as the other alternatives and the quality is very good.

Is it digital printing?

No it is not digital. Unfortunately, so far digital printing has not been proven safe for noncontact side printing on the pouches. Even though, it is assumed that there is no ink contact with the food and the ink, there is always the risk of migration of ink through the substrate. The inkjet technology is still developing but making the ink flow from the nozzles is challenging and some chemicals has to be used to keep it stable and flowing. Currently there is no digital ink working in line with the Eu or Swiss Ordinances. Therefore, no producers are able to confirm that the end products are safe food packages.