Eco Friendy Pouch Trends

What are the Eco Friendly Pouch Packaging Trends?

The awareness for nature is increasing in the last 10 years and everybody is trying to find the best solution. Let’s look at the current options and try to understand the pros and the cons.

  •  Compostable Pouch Materials

There are several different layers of film already certified by independent laboratories for being compostable. 95% of the material has to compost in 3-6 months under some conditions in order to be considered home / industrial compostable. Making compostable pouch with zipper is a little more challenging because the process gets harder as the thickness increases and the zipper area is almost 2 mm. Using all the layers compostable doesn’t mean the end product will be compostable. We see many claims on the web for compostable pouches but no certification for the end product yet.

The cost for compostable product is still very high and the resources are scarce.

  • Recyclable Pouch Materials

Using similar a single type or material in the layers of the pouch will make the end product to be recyclable as well. PE+PE or PP+PP film combinations are used this way the finished product may be used again if thrown in to the correct garbage bin.

  • Renewable Resources - Metal Free Bio Based Pouches

This is a good solution in order to decrease the greenhouse emission because the fossil resources aren’t used and sugarcane ethanol is used instead. We don’t need to worry about running out of oil and leave no resources for the future generations.


Currently we are working on all these solutions. We aim to give you the right solution for you.